Does your room have a loud echo problem?

  • Are you looking to hang your solution on the walls instead of the ceiling?
  • Are you looking for a variety of color options?
Our acoustical specialists can walk you through what product is best suited for your space and exactly how much of the product you will need. Give us a call or send us an email today! 708-615-0450
Features & Benefits: 
  • 2’ x 2’ lightweight fiberglass panels wrapped in fabric
  • Class A Fire Rated, which is safe for any commercial environment such as schools, churches, industrial spaces, offices, etc.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors (color chart can be found under resources below)
  • Durable enough for us one walls
  • NRC - .80 – see FAQ for more explanation
  • Clean square edge
  • Easy installation with impaling clips and adhesive
  • Lead time: approximately 3 weeks
Return Policy: 

Our Acoustical Wall Panels are made to order and cannot be returned. All sales are final.

Need help determining how many panels to order?
Email or call us to speak with an acoustical specialist. or (708) 613-0450

Free Samples
We will gladly send you a free sample of our Acoustical Wall Panels. Send us a quick email at with your address and we'll ship it out right away!

10 - 49$40.00
50 - 99$37.50
100 - Unlimited$35.00

Our fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels are designed to meet the unique acoustic and aesthetic needs of every space. The 2'x2' panels are made of fiberglass and wrapped in fabric. The panels are offered in a wide variety fabrics and color options allowing customization and flexibility. Durable enough to hang on the walls, but they can also be mounted directly to the ceiling or hung as clouds. Our fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels will quiet down your echos and reduce the extra noise in your space.

What is the Lead Time?

The panels are made to order and all orders ship in 3-4 weeks depending on quantity and color.

What does NRC stand for?

NRC is noise reduction coefficient. All acoustical panels and products are tested by independent labs and given a rating for the percentage of noise they absorb. This product with an NRC of .80 means it absorbs 80% of the noise that hits it. To give you an idea of some other materials to compare – traditional lay-in ceiling tiles you see in offices are .55, carpet is only .10, drywall or concrete is .05, and glass or metal is .03. Obviously .80 is very good and a BIG improvement over a plain drywall.

How many panels does my room need?

Feel free to contact us with the dimensions and specifics of your room and we can help figure out how many panels you would need need, but typically hanging our acoustical wall panels on a portion of the wall surface is enough to quiet down an echo. Contact us today at 269-920-8345 or