Do you have a room with a loud echo problem?

  • If you are having trouble holding a conversation in the room then these tiles will help.
  • Using Noise Reduction ceiling tiles on just a portion of your ceiling can fix your echo problem quickly.
We can put together a free custom analysis of your room. Contact us today!
Features & Benefits: 
  • 1’ x 2’ lightweight panels – 20 panels per box covers 40 square feet
  • 3/4” thick fiberglass panels
  • NRC - .70 – see FAQ for more explanation
  • Easy to glue up with standard “construction” adhesive (liquid nails or gorilla glue)
  • Smooth paint finish – white or black
  • Completely sealed bevel edges with finished edges
  • Class A Fire Rated, which is safe for any commercial environment such as schools, churches, restaurants, offices, etc
  • Panels visually blend in with drywall ceilings
  • Common applications – perfect solution for any loud (echo, live) room with a drywall or smooth ceiling
Return Policy: 

We charge a 30% restocking fee. Please review our return policy prior to purchasing this item.

Need help determining how many panels to order?
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Free Samples
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BoxesPricePrice Per Tile
1 - 4$200.00$10.00
5 - 9$175.00$8.75
10 - 19$150.00$7.50
20 - 39$145.00$7.25
40 - Unlimited$140.00$7.00
Tiles per Box: 

These noise reduction ceiling tiles are made from lightweight fiberglass and come in 1' x 2' panels. With simple liquid nails adhesive, the white acoustic panels can be glued up to ceilings or walls to make installation a breeze. The simple white and black color options and smooth face blend in great with drywall so the panels don't ruin the decor in your space.

Noise Reduction Ceiling Panels come with standard beveled edges and have an NRC value of .70. They look great, absorb a lot of noise, and are very economical. The white acoustic panels are perfect to quiet down rooms with all hard surfaces and a drywall or concrete ceiling. Feel free to give us a call with your room dimensions and we can recommend what percentage of the ceiling you need to cover to fix your noise problem.

What is the Lead Time?

The panels are in stock and all orders ship in 1-2 Business Days

What does NRC stand for?

NRC is noise reduction coefficient. All acoustical panels and products are tested by independent labs and given a rating for the percentage of noise they absorb. This product with an NRC of .70 means it absorbs 70% of the noise that hits it. To give you an idea of some other materials to compare – traditional lay-in ceiling tiles you see in offices are .55, carpet is only .10, drywall or concrete is .05, and glass or metal is .03. Obviously .70 is very good and a BIG improvement over a plain drywall ceiling

Do I need to cover my whole ceiling?

NO – feel free to contact us with the dimensions and specifics of your room and we can help figure out how much you need, but typically using Noise Reduction Tiles on just 30-50% of the ceiling is enough to quiet down an echo without treating the walls or doing anything else in most rooms. Some people will cover the whole ceiling for the visual look, but acoustically that is overkill. The upgrade from drywall at .05 to Noise Reduction at .70 NRC is so great that doing a simple checkerboard pattern or little “pods” of panels or spaced out in rows is more than enough.