Watch a movie under the stars...

  • Do you want easy to install panels that can be up in less than a day?
  • And panels that last for 30+ years with no upkeep?
You want a plug and play system with everything included, even shipping. Check out the different size packages below to see what fits best in your space and within your budget.
Features & Benefits: 
  • 48” x 48” surface mount panels
  • 2" thick fiberglass panels
  • High-quality acoustic materials with a >1.0 NRC rating
  • Panels attach directly to drywall ceiling with roto fasteners and tools included (see installation guide for details)
  • Easy to install plug-and-play system
  • Starlite LED star engine will last for 20+ years without burning out
  • Panels are made to order and typically ship within 3-4 weeks
Return Policy: 

We charge a 50% restocking fee. Please review our return policy prior to purchasing this item.

Pricing - Each Panel is 4' x 4' - See below for different ceiling size options
Single Panel: $750
2 Panels - 4' x 8' Starfield: $1,250
3 Panels - 4' x 12' Starfield: $1,800
4 Panels - 8' x 8' Starfield: $2,200
6 Panels - 8' x 12' Starfield: $3,000
9 Panels - 12' x 12' Starfield: $4,275


Starlite star ceiling panels are easy to install. No more banging or forcing fiber optic through drywall. The plug-and-play panel systems make estimation easy as well, bringing a high-end star ceiling experience within reach for all interior applications and environments.

Premium acoustic materials and exclusive LED star ceiling panel technology are utilized to create lighting effects that mimic the night sky.

The plug-and-play star ceiling panels come pre-wired with end glow fiber optics already installed in the ceiling tiles. Simply mount them on the ceiling, plug the LED star ceiling system in and you're done!

What is the lead time?

The panels are made to order and typically ship within 3-4 weeks.

What does NRC stand for?

NRC is short for noise reduction coefficient. All acoustical panels and products are tested by independent labs and given a rating for the percentage of noise they absorb. This product has an NRC rating of 1.00, which means it absorbs 100% of the noise that hits it. To give you an idea of some other materials to compare – traditional lay-in ceiling tiles you see in offices are .55, carpet is .10, drywall or concrete is .05, and glass or metal is .03. The 1.00 NRC rating is excellent and the panels will help with acoustic function in your space.

Can you make custom sizes?

No, we don’t offer custom sizes. Our panels cover a portion of the room or area in the center – kind of like a sky light. The area can be soffited and framed out or the panels can simply sit in the center. The edges are finished and look great floating in the middle of the room.

Can the panels come in other color fabrics?

Our panels are wrapped in smooth Guilford of Maine - Anchorage - Black Fabric. 2016

We can use a different color fabric, but the white star lights pop the best with black fabric.

Can the panels be cut?

Yes, the panels can be cut in the middle for projectors, speakers, etc., but most people tend to mount those around the perimeter (outside of their star ceiling panels). They can also be cut down to sizes and refinished, but this requires skill and it is best to contact us first.

With our standard size, we are able to offer a lower price point for those who can make it work. If the 4'x4' panel size doesn’t work for your space, we probably aren’t the company for you.

How many panels can run on one power supply?

Our 1-amp power supply will power up to 30 panels and our 4-amp driver can power up to 100 panels. The LED engines in each panel are extremely low voltage and do not use a lot of power. The panels will not spike your energy bill or burn out for many years.

Can I turn the panels off and on?

Yes the panels are chained together and one power source is plugged into an outlet in the ceiling. Typically, the outlet you use will be pre-wired to a light switch or remote (not provided) so that you can easily turn them off and on. If you cannot do this yourself, it might be the one part where you need an electrician or professional assistance to install the panels.

Can I put the panels on a dimmer?

No, the panels will not work on a dimmer.

Do the stars twinkle?

No, our stars are just bright white and solid state. We tested various twinkles and found that an aggressive twinkle is distracting and looks fake and a subtle twinkle is barely noticeable. We felt that adding a twinkle wasn't worth the additional cost.

How many star per panel? Are they all the same size?

Each panel has 45 stars of various sizes. The way they are punched and cut some will appear brighter and some bigger than others. This gives the panel a very natural night sky look that doesn’t have too many or too few stars.

What if I want other sized areas not shown here?

If you need a larger area, please contact us and we can work up a custom quote for you.

How does the blue perimeter light work?

The panels are 2" thick. There is a 1" face panel that is a true 48" x 48" panel. That panel is attached to a 1" backer that contains all the fibers. That panel is cut short to 45"x45". This creates a small gap to run the wires and you can wrap the perimeter with blue (or another color) flexible lighting. That type of lighting is readily available on Amazon. You can purchase and wrap your perimeter to get the halo effect for an extra "wow" factor.

Why would I want to add the blue perimeter light?

The perimeter light is added because most people are doing a portion of the room and not wall to wall. The perimeter light is a great way to add a halo effect and extra wow to your star ceiling. You need a minimum of 3-6” between the side of the panel and side wall so the light can glow over the edge and shine out.